English play - White Horse Theatre

Sticks & Stones

On Friday the 28th of March we met in the gym from half past seven till about 9 o`clock and watched the play „sticks and stones“ by the white horse theatre. It was performed for the 9th grade only. 
In preparation for the show we read the play in our English class. 
The play is about a boy and a girl called Tony and Ruth. 
Tony and Ruth are bullied by their classmates. 
They don´t get any help by their teacher or their parents. 
The play was performed by four actors who didn`t speak German at all because they were from Canada, London, Scotland and California. We didn`t have any problems to understand them speaking. 
After the show they returned to the stage and we were allowed to ask them questions about the play and themselves. 
We all agreed over the fact that this was one of the most interesting plays we have ever seen. 

Annika and Christina (9a) 


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